Carbon Capture, Storage, & Utilisation Technologies

About the Event

Carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies (CCUS) are set to play a crucial role in the world’s future decarbonization efforts. Alongside other mitigation techniques and further advances in renewable energy innovations, they are increasingly seen as powerful – and necessary – tools to reduce and potentially eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere as well as removing existing CO2 from the air.

Carbon Capture Technology & Expo 2020 will unveil the very latest current and emerging technologies from some of the sector’s leading experts and energy leaders while providing a showcase for innovative models that can capture carbon’s potential by turning CO2 by-products into profitable applications for concrete, carbon fiber, polymers, food, fertilizers, liquid fuels, chemicals, graphene and more.

Naturally where there are opportunities there are challenges, not least in the cost-effective transportation and storage of industrial CO2, storage space and integrity, demand for CO2, incentivization and ROI, and the policies needed as well as the legal and regulatory frameworks. Possibly the most daunting challenge will be balancing the energy demands of a truly effective large-scale CCS infrastructure.

What is abundantly clear is that we need to accelerate and deploy CCS projects across industry sectors to achieve a critical mass of commercial deployment by 2030, in order to reach the economy-wide scale needed to meet mid-century decarbonization targets.

We will bring together more than 65 international speakers and over 400 delegates to debate and discuss the latest technologies and solutions, strategies, innovations, current and future regulations, by-products and strategies for captured CO2 and the latest and next-generation techniques and models to help foster a truly sustainable, cost-effective and resource-efficient CCUS sector.

Why Attend?

Hear from industry experts about the latest CCUS solutions, models, projects and research to develop a carbon capture and sequestration infrastructure to reduce global GHG emissions.

Gain the latest research in CCUS capture, utilization, storage, monitoring, policy and innovative by-products.

Exchange knowledge and network with more than 400 senior-level engineers and carbon-capture, utilization storage experts from the entire value chain.

Attend the co-located event dedicated to hydrogen technology – plus all attendees will gain access to all of the post-conference presentations from both events!

Meet the leading technology suppliers and find new engineering partners in the exhibition area.

Industries That Attend

Carbon Capture Conference & Expo will host more than 400 CCUS experts from across the technical supply chain and from a wide range of end-user industries including:

  • Coal producers
  • Natural gas producers
  • Oil refiners and Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Chemicals sector
  • Metals (iron, steel, etc) and minerals industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Renewable energy companies
  • Oil (petroleum) and gas sector
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Cement industry
  • Building/construction materials
  • Science academia
  • Environmental policy makers
  • Fuels/Biofuels/synthetic fuels
  • Energy providers
  • C02 transportation specialists
  • NGOs and sustainability research institutes
  • CCUS value chain members
  • Separation and purification experts
  • Raw materials supply chain
  • Aggregates producers
  • Hydrogen producers
  • Aviation industry
  • Space industry
  • Fuel cell manufacturers and adopters
  • Energy storage companies

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