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08 Apr 2024

Avnos and Deep Sky create partnership to work on Canadian Gigaton DAC project

Avnos and Deep Sky create partnership to work on Canadian Gigaton DAC project

A partnership has been created between Deep sky and Avnos and this partnership will see Avnos building and installing a Hybrid DAC Air Handling Unit (AHU). This Unit will be located at Deep Sky Labs, which are based in Canada and they will have the excellent ability to remove 450 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Deep Sky is both the world’s first gigaton-scale carbon removal project developer and also continues to be an active project developer. Currently the company is developing multiple expansive carbon removal and storage infrastructure projects, which are all based throughout Canada. One benefit that Deep Sky will find from working on these projects, is that they will be able to add leading carbon dioxide removal and sequestration technologies, to their portfolio of projects and solutions, effectively expanding their experience and skills. Expanding their portfolio is a process that is simplified by Avnos’ licensing business model, which will be extremely helpful to the process. It is partnerships, especially cross-border partnerships like this one, which are integral to achieving drawdown and also helping to address the impacts of climate change.

Now that they are creating the project with Avnos, it has been agreed that Deep Sky will operate Avnos’ AHU at the Deep Sky Labs. These Labs became known as the world’s first carbon removal center, in 2025.

The overall aim of installing this Gigaton DAC plant in Canada, is that it will mean Avnos has an AHU plant in Montreal and Bakersfield, CA. Having these plants will help Avnos to portray its ability to adapt, even when faced with diverse environments. These environments could include places that have, a difference in humidities or alternating temperatures, or any factors that could affect how the technology functions. These plants being designed as well as they are, mean that it becomes possible for an operator, such as Deep Sky, to build an AHU in close proximity to carbon sequestration and renewable power capacity. This means that the AHU’s flexibility helps it to optimise the net negativity of the hub.

Furthermore, Avnos not only works with HDAC, but the company also pioneered HDAC and originally, the company had the plant capturing CO2 and water from the atmosphere through a single system process. In this system, the water that is captured is then used to regenerate its moisture-responsive sorbents. This process is an exact contrast to other DAC practises, which use heat to separate the captured carbon dioxide from their sorbents. This change in techniques, means that Avnos’ alternative method results in a savings in expenses for a plant operator, whilst it also has an extremely positive effect on the community which surrounds the plant. These benefits are generated through Avnos’ tech making a significant contribution to both water and jobs.

As Avnos’ technique have been proven to be beneficial, the companies that are involved in this partnership, have agreed that Canada will benefit from the climate and economic potential that will be generated through commercial deployment of these plants and technology.

CEO of Deep Sky, Damien Steel, commented, “Our partnership with Avnos is crucial to Canada's decarbonisation strategy. Adding Avnos’ novel Hybrid DAC to our Deep Sky Labs project is a significant addition to our portfolio as its technological approach and business model speeds up carbon dioxide removal in Canada.”

CEO of Avnos, Will Kain, mentioned, “We recognize we will need to cross borders for the global community to successfully address legacy emissions and capitalize on the enormous economic potential of carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Our partnership with Deep Sky demonstrates our commitment to achieving gigaton scale carbon removal and steering the nascent CDR industry toward creating opportunity and shared benefits.”


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