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24 Jun 2024

Green Plains’ Advantage Nebraska CCS project is moving forwards

Green Plains’ Advantage Nebraska CCS project is moving forwards

Agreements around construction management for the Green Plains’ Advantage Nebraska project were recently approved. Now that this step has occurred, the major equipment which will make it possible for the project to capture carbon from its Nebraska facilities has been ordered.

Once the order arrives, the equipment will quickly be installed at the company’s Central City, Wood River and York, Nebraska locations. As well as this, the technology has been sized to accommodate the potential for post-combustion carbon capture and increased production. Altogether the facility will have an overall carbon capture capacity of an estimated 1.2 million tons.

The company has stated that it is ‘on track to commence construction in the second half of 2024, and to begin capturing the biogenic carbon dioxide associated with the production of 287 million gallons of ethanol annually beginning in the second half of 2025.’

President and CEO of Green Plains, Todd Becker, commented, "We are at the forefront of producing millions of gallons of low carbon-intensity ethanol, and we remain on track to participate in the early days of the Clean Fuel Production Credit and low carbon fuel markets, in addition to producing high-quality carbon credits. By capturing our biogenic carbon dioxide from fermentation, we are demonstrating our commitment to sustainable production practices and our dedication to positively impacting the communities we serve. Once operational, we believe we will reduce the carbon intensity of our biofuel by half which positions us to be one of the largest producers of low carbon-intensity feedstock for the commercial production of sustainable aviation fuel. We also believe it will positively impact the high-quality ingredients such as Ultra High Protein, Sequence™ and renewable corn oil that we produce at our Nebraska biorefineries, further advantaging our entire portfolio.”


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