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02 Apr 2024

A new partnership has been formed between Aker Carbon Capture and CO280

A new partnership has been formed between Aker Carbon Capture and CO280

An excellent new alliance has been created between Aker Carbon Capture and CO280 with the aim of developing large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) projects. The companies have agreed on starting their work in the pulp and paper industry based within the US and Canada.

This is a very significant partnership, as North America’s pulp and paper industry presents the possibility for a carbon removal of an estimated 130 million tons annually. This potential has been generated through the individual mills, which have a carbon dioxide emissions profile that is 80-90% biogenic.  

This potential is the reason why CO280 is considered the leading developer of Carbon Dioxide Removal projects, especially when it comes to the pulp and paper industry. Alongside their partnership with pulp and paper companies, CO280 focuses on developing, financing and operating the large-scale CDR projects, as well as the CDR projects they own. Most of the projects that CO280 works on, are chosen as they have a critical supply gap within the CDR market, which needs to be addressed. The company aids these projects by supplying permanent, verifiable and finally, affordable CDR to corporate buyers who are based within the voluntary market. On top of the work that they do for these projects, due to work by JPMorgan Chase, CO280 is the company that has signed one of the largest carbon removal agreements ever announced. This deal was signed by JPMorgan Chase in May of 2023. Furthermore, CO280 now has multiple permanent CDR projects under development, which altogether equal over ten million tons worth of these projects every year.

Therefore, this partnership being created is very strategic and significant, as the companies will now collaborate as preferred partners on a project-by-project basis. The main focus of this partnership will be working on point source carbon capture plants, that will be dedicated to pulp and paper mills. For every mill that the companies decide to dedicate time to, the aim will be to reach a point where Aker Carbon Capture’s modularized Just Catch series can be deployed. In order to reach this point, both companies will work towards creating a standard CDR solution. This solution will include post-combustion carbon capture compression that will be used for recovery boilers, power boilers, lime kilns and other stack emissions.

Chief Executive Officer at Aker Carbon Capture, Egil Fagerland, commented, “We are excited to expand on our collaboration with CO280 on accelerating carbon removal in the US and Canada. Carbon capture will play a key role in achieving global climate goals as it enables both carbon reduction and carbon removal. Together, C0280 and Aker Carbon Capture will enable large-scale delivery of CDRs. This builds on our previous announcement of a test campaign to be conducted at the site of a leading pulp and paper company on the Gulf Coast in the US.”

Chief Executive Officer of CO280, Jonathan Rhone, added, “Capturing and sequestering biogenic CO2 from pulp and paper mills can help scale-up the CDR market, decarbonize the pulp and paper industry, and have a positive impact on the environment. Our alliance with Aker Carbon Capture will enable us to unlock this potential and create the world’s first permanent, verifiable, and affordable CDR solution at scale."

Aker Carbon Capture’s Head of North America, Jonah Margulis, mentioned, “Our strategic alliance with CO280 has provided Aker Carbon Capture unique access into both the pulp and paper and CDR markets. We see both markets in the US and Canada as a natural fit for our modular technology. We are already delivering our proven technology in Europe and plan to do the same in North America in response to positive policy developments.”


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