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24 Jun 2024

A partnership has been created between CORMETECH and Ozona which will focus on natural gas power CCS

A partnership has been created between CORMETECH and Ozona which will focus on natural gas power CCS

Both CORMETECH and Ozona have agreed to work together on a project which will collaboratively design, construct and finally, operate a full-scale CCUS system. One aim of this system is for it to include integrated NOx reduction.

It is evident that both companies bring important and necessary skills to this project and the project would not be able to function without the set of skills which will be provided through the combination of the companies.

CORMETECH is a global leader when it comes to providing innovative solutions around reducing NOx, CO and VOC emissions. Therefore, it has been stated that CORMETECH will bring its emissions control technology and modular, PATHWAY™ CO2 Capture technology to this partnership and project.

On the other hand, the team from Ozona will be providing extensive expertise in land and mineral rights, as well as, petroleum and chemical engineering, geology, geophysics, regulatory compliance, financing and the construction and operation of pipeline and injection facilities. These sectors are all critical components for successful CCUS.

Together the companies will manufacture a system which will be designed to capture, transport and sequester CO2 from flue gas, which has been generated by natural gas-powered engines. The expectation for this project is that it will be operational by the end of 2025 and it is hoped that this system will become one of the first full-scale systems to profitably capture and sequester CO2 from flue gas within the United States.

So far, Ozona has selected a variety of technology from COREMTECH and they said that their ‘selection of CORMETECH’s next generation modular adsorber technology over liquid amine systems is strategic, offering the following advantages.”

These advantages include, this specific solution will significantly lower how much CO2 capture costs, in comparison to traditional liquid amine systems. Another benefit is that this technology produces a smaller physical footprint, meaning it optimises the space that it uses and does not take up excess space. On top of this, the technology, which is named, CORMETECH’s PATHWAY™ completely avoids secondary air emissions, it minimises liquid/solid waste and water demand which is constantly associated with other technologies and it also incorporates advanced NOx control. The final benefit is that the technology offers superior flexibility when it is being set up and shutdown.


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