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08 Apr 2024

A study focused on a Japan-Malaysia CCS value chain will be carried out by Petronas and Jera

A study focused on a Japan-Malaysia CCS value chain will be carried out by Petronas and Jera

It has been agreed between Petronas CCS solutions and Jera, that the two companies will focus on evaluating the feasibility of a Japan-Malaysia CCS value chain. This evaluation will cover the entire value chain, including separation, cross border transportation and capture, to ensure the project is fully feasible.

During discussions around this project, the companies spoke about the agreement representing an excellent and large step forwards, in regards to the amount of effort being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions have been specifically noticed within the Asia Pacific region, most notably in Malaysia and Japan. This agreement formed between the companies will also be part of the effort that is put towards creating a global network, which will be used for cross-border CO2 transportation and storage.

This project fits into the work that Petronas is doing to build up the CCS industry and help it to become a key solution when it comes to solving the issue of emissions from its operations, whilst also aiding other industries with the same issue. Alongside this project that they are handling with Jera, Petronas will also continue to work on their pre-established projects and aims, which include forming strategic collaborations, as these will help them to create a resilient and stable portfolio. Petronas have decided to create this portfolio, as the company recognises the importance of regional collaboration, especially when it comes to tackling climate change.

PCCSS Chief Executive Officer, Nora’in Md Salleh, commented, “This agreement signifies a pivotal step towards enhanced collaboration with an important partner. This spirit of collaboration will speed up progression and enrich CCS delivery by leveraging the vast experiences of the two organisations. This is in line with PETRONAS' commitment in accelerating the development of prominent CCS hubs in Malaysia, for the region."


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