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02 Apr 2024

ZeoDAC has launched its innovative carbon capture technology

ZeoDAC has launched its innovative carbon capture technology

ZeoDAC is a company which is now being viewed as a new entrant into the Direct Air Capture market, as they recently introduced a new technology which has the potential to improve the industry. The new technology is a solid sorbent technology which is said to be able to reduce costs.

The number one selling point of the new carbon capture material created by ZeoDAC, is that the solid materials (zeolites) make it possible to capture carbon in a process which also allows rapid scale-up. This breakthrough was all made possible through ZeoDAC, a company that was founded by industry veterans and technical pioneers Professor Christopher W. Jones and Mark E. Davis. Professor Christopher W. Jones is an international expert in direct air capture of carbon dioxide technologies from Georgia Tech. On the other hand, Mark E. Davis is a chemical engineering Professor from Caltech, who has brought multiple academic innovations to commercial success, this aim encompasses zeolite-based processes.

The overall aim of putting these innovations and expertise together is for ZeoDAC to be able to provide a compelling economic advantage around large-scale, commercial carbon capture and use. So far, ZeoDAC has been able to raise several million dollars from institutional venture capital, plus strategic investors, such as those led by Wilson Hill Ventures.

Alongside capture Co2, ZeoDAC also captures water, which enables the company to manufacture the production of several valuable end-products. These products will consequently drive an economic return, whilst also delivering lots of benefits for the environment.

To make this all possible, ZeoDAC, Inc. was launched with an international group of investment partners. These partners include, Wilson Hill Ventures, Caltech, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Freeflow Ventures and Global Brain.

Professor Christopher W. Jones from Georgia Tech, commented, “ZeoDAC’s CO2 capture process leverages chemically and mechanically robust solid sorbents with established supply chains deployed in an energy efficient temperature-vacuum swing adsorption cycle, leading to a simple yet economically advantaged process.”

Ajay Kshatriya from Wilson Hill Ventures, mentioned, "We’re honored to back this “dream team” of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs on their path to accelerate our low carbon future. ZeoDAC can deliver compelling Net Present Value (NPV) to industrial partners on an international scale, enabling a multibillion-dollar market with positive impacts for the climate.”

Associate Director, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Nicola Tongue, added, "We are excited to embark on this journey with ZeoDAC. We believe that Direct Air Capture offers the potential for us to source sustainable ingredients and materials while reducing our environmental footprint. After extensively reviewing the market, we are confident that ZeoDAC's novel approach provides the affordability, scalability, and energy efficiency needed to become a major player in the DAC industry.”


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