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Air Liquide and Lhoist to Decarbonise Lime Production in France 

by | May 20, 2022

Air Liquide and the minerals and lime producer, Lhoist, signed an MoU (as announced on May 9) to decarbonise Lhoist’s lime production plant in France using Air Liquide’s Cryocap carbon capture technology. 

Lime production produces CO2 from the decomposition of limestone and is considered one of the hard-to-abate industries. The “Chaux et Dolomies du Boulonnais” Lhoist’s site in Réty is France’s largest lime production plant. Thanks to this project, Lhoist would be able to cut the CO2 emissions of the plant in Réty by more than 600,000 tons per year starting in 2028. 

Pascal Vinet, Senior Vice President, a member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee, supervising Europe Industries, said, “Decarbonizing the Industry is at the heart of Air Liquide’s strategy and we are committed to accompanying our customers with a wide range of solutions, in line with our Sustainability Development objectives. Using CryocapTM to decarbonize lime production demonstrates the versatility of our innovative and proprietary carbon capture technology. Our partnership with Lhoist will contribute to the decarbonization of the broader Dunkirk industrial basin, one of Air Liquide’s historical industrial basins in France.”

Air Liquide will utilise its expertise in C02 capture technologies to build and operate its innovative proprietary Cryocap FG (Flue Gas) technology to capture and purify 95% of the carbon emissions from Lhoist’s lime production unit in Rety. 

The captured C02 would then be transported to a CO2 export hub in Dunkirk and sent to be sequestered in the North Sea as part of the D’Artagnan project.

The partners have applied for the European Innovation Fund large scale support scheme and will begin the implementation phase once public funding from European and/or French decarbonisation schemes become available. 

Cedric De Vicq, Lhoist CEO Europe, said, “As a leader in the lime industry, we are very proud that for the first time, a lime plant will capture its CO2 emissions and store them in safe conditions. Carbon Capture & Storage is an indispensable part of how the lime industry addresses the reduction of its CO2 footprint for the benefit of the environment and its customers.”

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