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ArcelorMittal, BHP, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Partner on CCUS in SteelMaking

by | Nov 1, 2022

Steel major ArcelorMittal has partnered with diversified giant BHP and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHIENG) to join efforts on a multi-year trial of MHIENG carbon capture technology with ArcelorMittal, following the signing of a funding agreement between the firms. 

The parties will also run a feasibility and design study for full scale deployment. 

Under the agreement, the partners will leverage their expertise to carry out a trial at ArcelorMittal’s steel plant in Gent, Belgium and another site in North America. 

The steelmaking industry makes up approximately 7% to 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with CCUS considered a key technology to reduce emissions from global blast furnaces, predicted to remain essential for steel production in the coming decades. 

Currently there aren’t any full-scale operational CCUS facilities in blast furnace steelmaking, with only a few small CCU pilots underway, the companies stated. 

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