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Carbon2Nature plans to capture more than 61 million tons of CO2 to provide carbon credits to customers

by | Aug 21, 2023

A new carbon credit company called Carbon2Nature (C2N) has been launched by Spanish energy company, Iberdrola. C2N will work on the development of nature-based solutions projects which “improve biodiversity and promote sustainability”.

Carbon2Nature has outlined plans to promote emerging solutions, in addition to accelerating the development of projects that enhance biodiversity and also generate high quality carbon credits. These carbon credits will be made available to the company’s customers to support their respective net zero targets.

The initiative is targeting the capture of over 61 million tons of CO2 which will then be stored in natural carbon sinks across 100,000 hectares of forests, coastal ecosystems and agricultural lands.

Carbon2Nature’s business plan is focused on regions where Iberdrola currently operates, and also where nature-based solutions will have the most potential. At present, C2N is developing projects in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Spain.

“The firm was created with the ambition to make a long-term impact at an international level,” explained Miguel Ángel García Tamargo, director, Carbon2Nature. “In order to achieve this, it is committed to diversification in geographies and projects and promotes collaborative strategies for their development with local communities and other actors, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality.

“We come to this new market with humility and a desire to do things differently, bringing all of Iberdrola’s experience in sustainability to the world of nature-based solutions and the generation of carbon credits.”

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