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Exhibitor Spotlight: Bilfinger – Paving the Way for the Waste-to-Energy Sector

by | Sep 6, 2022

The pathway for industry to reach Net Zero is one of the greatest challenges of our 
time. Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is a key technology in the pursuit of a climate-neutral industry.

To support the achievement of its customers’ net zero goals, Bilfinger develops, designs and delivers independent turnkey solutions throughout the entire carbon capture, utilization and storage value chain by finding innovative solutions and incorporating them into existing operations, making first trials in Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization and getting ready to further scale up the projects.

Bilfinger group has been implementing gas purification projects in the oil and gas and energy related sectors for 40 years and has 20-year track record throughout the complete CCUS value chain and specific expertise with the waste-to-energy sector. 

Today, the Group has developed and implemented many CCUS projects in a wide range of industries that include energy supply, oil and gas, chemicals, cement and steel.

The Group is also participating in the development of new technologies together with partners for the capture, transport, storage and further utilization of CO2.

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