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Fluor has agreed to Chevron using their technology for a cogeneration facility

by | Feb 13, 2024

Chevron New Energies and Fluor recently signed a license agreement, which allows Chevron to use Fluor’s Econamine FG PlusSM. This equipment is Fluor’s exclusive carbon capture technology.

The purpose behind Chevron having access to this technology, is their intention to use it as a way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This new technique will be specifically used by Chevron on the company’s Eastridge Cogeneration facility. This site is based in Kern County, located in California.

The plan, once the equipment is installed, will be for Fluor’s carbon capture technology to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions at the selected facility, by an estimated 95%. This plan was established from the expectation placed on the technology and this expectation is one of the reasons why Chevron chose Fluor’s technology for the project.

Another part of the licensing agreement involves the work that Fluor will supply to the project aside from the providing the technology. Fluor’s role will involve focusing on three separate tasks, these are, developing a process design package, supplying exclusive equipment and finally providing any necessary technical support at any point during the project.

Group President of Fluor’s Energy Solutions business segment, Jim Breuer, commented, “We are pleased to help Chevron achieve their CO2 reduction goals through the use of our carbon capture technology. We are seeing significant activity across the globe in carbon capture and are pleased to employ our Econamine FG Plus technology to this important project.”

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