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Fugro to provide geotechnical engineering services for innovative ‘blue’ ammonia clean fuel project in Louisiana

by | Sep 25, 2023

St. Charles Clean Fuels, a collaboration between Sustainable Fuels Group, LLC, and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Energy-Transition Fund, have requested Fugro to provide geotechnical engineering services for a ‘blue’ ammonia project.

Fugro will provide information about the subsurface conditions for this project to go ahead in southeastern Louisiana.

Jack Koban the Gulf Coast Business Development Manager at Fugro, said, “The development of low-carbon fuels combined with carbon capture and storage technology is a critical piece of the energy and climate action puzzle. The energy industry and the state of Louisiana have committed to tackling these important issues through innovation, and the St. Charles Clean Fuels project is a tremendous example of that. As a locally-based and trusted provider of leading Geo-data solutions, we’re very proud to be a part of this forward-thinking project.”

The purpose of the project is to add ammonia into the carbon capture and storage method, which will result in the creation of a clean resource for fuel, industrial power, food production, and other essential industrial needs. The project also aims to do all of this whilst also significantly reducing the project’s overall emissions.

The geotechnical investigations are all commencing, with the plan to have final deliverables expected by year-end. St. Charles Clean Fuels requested the work to be performed by Fugro, because of the companies’ previous contributions to the project. These included performing site suitability assessments throughout the feasibility stage. Now Fugro has begun providing valuable information around the intricate subsurface conditions at the site, located near the Mississippi River. Fugro have extensive expertise in settlement management, soil stabilisation, and foundation optimisation, which is another reason why St Charles have continued business with them, as the information provided by Fugro will play an extremely important role in ensuring the facility’s successful design.

The Project Director at St Charles, Ramesh Raman commented, “Our project is pleased to have the extensive regional experience of the Fugro team supporting this important clean energy development project. Our strategy is to maximise the involvement of local and regional expertise in support of delivering our low-carbon, low-emissions fuels product to the global energy market. Louisiana has long held a leadership position in energy development, and our blue ammonia facility in St. Charles Parish contributes an important role through the transition to a lower carbon economy.”

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