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Germany and Norway to Collaborate on CCUS

by | Aug 23, 2022

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store met visiting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Norway’s capital Oslo to discuss the major challenges facing Europe, including collaboration on CCUS and hydrogen, reported Business Standard on August 16. 

The neighbouring nations will expand their energy cooperation to encompass CCUS, hydrogen, offshore wind power, battery production, and in other areas.

“Germany is Norway’s most important partner in Europe. We are cooperating on the response to the conflicts in Ukraine and are expanding our cooperation on renewable energy. Our collaborative efforts will help us to achieve our common goals of green industrialization and lower emissions,” said Store in a press release from the PM’s office.

“To avoid becoming reliant on Russian fossil fuels, we must develop new energy sources. However, we must also plan for the future and develop renewable energy,” said Scholz in a press conference.

In a recently published research paper by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Ralf Dickel, argues that Germany will not be able to achieve its ambitious legally binding 2045 net zero target by relying exclusively on renewables, stating the important role of CCUS and blue hydrogen to realise its goal. Dickel suggests creating policies to enable CO2 sequestration in Norway. To view an interview with Dickel click here

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