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Logistics Firm Samskip Launches New Carbon Capture Solution 

by | Mar 24, 2023

Global logistics firm Samskip has developed an innovative Carbon Capture and Utilisation system to minimise CO2 emissions. The system captures up to 30% of emissions produced by combustion engines, storing it in batteries that can be delivered to enterprises such as greenhouses and agricultural companies that currently generate CO2 with gas-powered machinery.

Niestern Sander Repair’s Director, Bart Volgers, said: “Niestern Sander Repair has always been there providing essential support for such initiatives and for proactive innovators such as Samskip and the installation of their Carbon Capture and Utilization system.”

“Such systems effectively reduce harmful emissions while considerably extending the lifespan of such a ship in this era where strict requirements for sustainability are becoming increasingly necessary,” Volgers added.

Recently, Samskip has purchased two hydrogen fuel-powered vessels, which are expected to cut CO2 emissions by 25,000 tonnes each year, serving their West European routes.

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