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MHI invests in Syzygy Plasmonics the company who uses light to power industrial processes

by | Oct 16, 2023

Syzygy is a start-up technology company based in Houston, Texas, who have discovered a way to use light instead of combustion to power industrial processes which decarbonise the chemical industry.

The innovative company develops photocatalytic technology for hydrogen production and Co2 utilisation solutions. Syzygy was founded in 2018 after a breakthrough around radical new technology occurred at Houston’s Rice University and Syzygy decided to build a reactor which would use light in place of combustion to electrify chemical manufacturing and result in their aim, to provide power to a cleaner and safer environment.

The results of Syzygy’s excellent work is manufacturers can now generate zero-emission hydrogen from ammonia and use a combustion-free form of steam methane reforming to produce low-emissions hydrogen. The techniques also allow efficient methods of converting methane and captured Co2 into sustainable fuels and methanol. Furthermore, if the manufacturers use renewable electricity to create these products, the tunable technology is able to reduce the cost of emissions which are normally associated with a variety of different chemical reactions.

It is clear from the multitude of new opportunities provided by Syzygy’s work, why Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) are keen to support and partner with innovative technologies and companies such as Syzygy. MHI is currently aiming to build a hydrogen ecosystem, as well as a Co2 ecosystem with the goal of building a decarbonised society. MHI is extremely interested in supporting Syzygy as they hope that this partnership will lead to the creation of new technologies and therefore help the ecosystems MHI is creating through diversifying these ecosystems.  

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