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MTR has developed a membrane-based system which reduces CO2 content in natural gas

by | Oct 3, 2023

For a long time, natural gas has had to go through specific treatment processes to remove the excess Co2 found within it before entering the pipeline. For a while Amine systems have been used to solve this issue, but companies have really been looking for a simple process technology which can be applied in remote, unattended, or offshore situations. Whilst Amine systems have often been used, they are complex, costly, especially in installation and operating processes, and they involve high fuel usage and have potential environmental issues. Therefore, MTR’s membrane-based systems is a huge breakthrough for this industry as it could solve many issues and be the solution that companies have been looking for.

MTR’s membrane-based systems are an excellent solution to this issue, as they provide a simple, low-cost, compact solution for reducing Co2 content in natural gas. The innovative membranes use a unique polymer chemistry which is a huge advancement from conventional membranes. They require minimal gas pretreatment and have very high efficiency separation, which makes 95% hydrocarbon recovery possible. These membranes can be used for reaching pipeline Co2 specifications of 4 mol% or less for bulk Co2 removal. The other benefit of these membranes is that they are small and compact, reducing the amount of space needed to fit them into and reducing the amount of weight added when installed on offshore sites.

Since the breakthrough, MTR has commercialised multiple variations of membranes based on glassy and rubbery membrane materials, and the company also has the ability to adapt their product, for example customising the overall separation solution using these commercial membranes, in order to suit a businesses requirements. This shows that MTR is the solution which companies have been looking for, due to its multiple benefits and the way it fits the criteria of a simple process technology which companies have been looking for.

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