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North Dakota-based Project Tundra carbon capture project moves into final development phase

by | Jul 3, 2023

The Minnkota Power Cooperative – in collaboration with TC Energy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Kiewit and its affiliates – has revealed that the Project Tundra carbon capture project based in North Dakota, USA, is now moving into its final stage of project development. Upon completion, the site is claimed to become one of the largest carbon capture projects globally.

“If our organizations are successful in making this historic project a reality, Minnkota will be one of the fastest decarbonizing utilities in the country while maintaining stable electric rates and a reliable, resilient power supply,” said Mac McLennan, president and CEO, Minnkota. “By working together, we aim to advance carbon capture technology in a way that can serve as a blueprint for our state, nation and world to meet ambitious decarbonization goals.”

Minnkota will continue to lead project development activities at the Milton R. Young Station power plant, while also working with relevant landowners and community members in the project area near to Center, North Dakota. Furthermore, TC Energy will be responsible for heading up project commercialization, which includes qualifying for federal 45Q tax credits. These tax credits would enable the project’s construction and operation costs to be recouped.

Project Tundra currently has approval for a U$100m loan through North Dakota’s Clean Sustainable Energy Authority (CSEA) and has been designed to capture up to four million metric tons of CO2 each year from the coal-based Young Station. The CO2 will then be stored safely and permanently more than a mile underground in deep geologic formations.

“With Minnkota, Mitsubishi and Kiewit we will combine our respective capabilities to deliver a de-risked commercial and technical solution,” said Corey Hessen, executive vice president and president, power and energy solutions, TC Energy. “This ambitious carbon capture and sequestration project will enable the Young Station to provide power for decades to come…safely, reliably and with a significantly lower emissions profile.”

The project will use MHI’s CO2 capture technology known as the Advanced KM CDR Process with a new solvent called KS-21. Furthermore, MHI will collaborate on the CO2 capture facility with Kiewit who will be responsible for construction of the project.

“Project Tundra represents an important step in the scale up of carbon capture technology, which will play an important role in realizing a carbon neutral society,” said Takajiro Ishikawa, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA). “Partnerships between policy and business are critical to our success in decarbonizing and we are excited to be part of this group of energy leaders to bring Project Tundra to life.” 

“Minnkota’s project is leading the nation and world in developing a major carbon capture and storage project on a traditional coal-fired power plant,” said Sen. John Hoeven. “We’ve led the way in reducing SOx, NOx and mercury emissions, and now we’re leading the technology development on carbon capture. We have put in place research and development funding, loan guarantees and the 45Q tax credit so the company can move forward and make sure the next generation of coal-fired power is here today and for future generations.”

It is expected that the closing on financing and the notice to move forward with construction of Project Tundra will happen in early 2024.

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