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Nuada to pilot next-generation carbon capture technology in Waste-to-Energy project

by | Jul 7, 2023

A £1m project is being launched by Nuada in partnership with the Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC), a national pilot-testing research facility at the University of Sheffield in the UK. The project – funded by the UK’s £20m Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) Innovation 2.0 program – will see Nuada’s ultra-energy efficient CO2 filtration machines for point-source carbon capture being piloted at TERC’s CCUS testing facilities to exhibit its CO2 removal efficiency from waste-to-energy (WtE) real flue gas streams.

Nuada designed its CO2 filtration machines by combining advanced solid sorbents called MOFs with mature vacuum swing technology. The combination is described as a “step change in carbon capture innovation” as it yields a heatless and solvent-free carbon capture process that dramatically reduces the associated energy penalty and the cost of capture.

Evaluating carbon capture solutions for the WtE sector in the UK is vital as it is responsible for a large amount of CO2 emissions. It is estimated that without introducing carbon capture systems the sector will account for 15% of the country’s total CO2 emissions by 2030.

“We have identified the WtE industry as a critical sector to decarbonize through our technology,” commented Dr. Conor Hamill, co-CEO of Nuada. “Current amine solvent solutions present high parasitic loads, complex process integration, and operational challenges. Our breakthrough innovation overcomes these deployment barriers and provides the industry with the much-needed next-generation solution to achieve Net Zero.”

“This project marks an exhilarating phase for Nuada, as it follows our imminent pilot trials in the cement industry this autumn,” added Dr. Jose Casaban, co-CEO of Nuada. “The pilot testing at TERC will prove the exceptional capture performance and the game-changing energy benefits of our technology within the WTE industry.  We are delighted to partner with TERC, a world-class CCUS test center, to showcase Nuada’s technology applicability in most point sources.”

Prof. Mohamed Pourkashanian, managing director of the TERC, concluded, “We are thrilled to be involved in this truly innovative carbon capture project and look forward to working with Nuada. The technology available at the TERC is really at the cutting edge of the low-carbon solutions we have available and using it in projects such as this means we can help to drive forward the availability of cost-effective, clean energy generation solutions, which is much-needed if we are to meet the net-zero goals in UK and globally.”

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