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Partnership between Neustark and Heim creates the opening of the first commercial site for CO2 storage in Germany

by | Oct 3, 2023

Neustark is a Swiss-climate technology company and Heim is a recycling and construction company based in Berlin, have created a partnership and the result of this is the opening of the first commercial site for CO2 storage in Germany.

The companies currently have 12 operating storage sites in Switzerland and Germany, these sites were all launched within the last 10 months and altogether they have a capacity to store an estimated 5,000 tons of CO2.

The development of this recently opened site enables the next innovative stage of carbon capture and storage. The new site has the capacity to store more than 1,000 tons of CO2 a year, permanently. The CO2 is captured at the biogas plant, which means that the CO2 is biogenic, meaning the Neustark process has the ability to remove the emissions from the atmosphere, resulting in the creation of negative emissions. The ability to take this next step, has been created through Neustark’s decision to use demolition concrete to store the CO2.

The Founder and co-CEO of Neustark, Johannes Tiefenthaler, commented, “Carbon removal is – next to massive emission reductions – indispensable to reach out net-zero targets, as the IPCC states. And that’s exactly what we do at Neustark, we literally remove CO2 from the air by storing it in demolition concrete. Now also in Germany, which is a huge step for Neustark, but more importantly for the whole CO2 removal industry.”

This strategy is realistic, useful and innovative, as demolition concrete is available in large amounts with over one billion tons a year being produced and quickly becoming the world’s largest waste stream. Neustark has developed a strategy, by creating new technology, which enables the captured CO2 to be taken from the biogas plants, transported to the nearby storage sites and then inserted into the concrete, by injecting it into the granules of the concrete throughout its regular recycling process. The technology which Neustark has developed, works efficiently through triggering a mineralisation process which converts the CO2 into limestone, this attaches the CO2 to the pores in the concrete and the surface of the granules, resulting in the CO2 being removed efficiently from the atmosphere and stored within the concrete. This process also creates a closed loop system, in which the now carbonated concrete granule can be used for road construction or for the production of recycled concrete.

The final benefit of this new system is the advantages Neustark can provide for other businesses who have ambitious climate targets, through providing them with climate certificates which will aid them with carbon removal. The companies are able to purchase CDR certificates so they can remove their hard-to-abate emissions, which will help them achieve their net-zero targets. Neustark currently holds this deal with Microsoft and UBS.

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