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The US Department of Energy has announced its plan to invest in ocean carbon capture technology

by | Nov 6, 2023

A recent announcement stated that the US Department of Energy will be supplying support and aid to 11 projects across 8 states through the form on a $36 million investment.

This investment is being supplied to the chosen companies, with the aim of supporting and driving forwards the development of ocean carbon capture technology. The focus has been directed towards the ocean as the body of water has properties which enable it to filter the air within the earth’s atmosphere and this means that the more carbon dioxide is released in the air, the more carbon dioxide gets into the ocean as well and this is extremely damaging to marine life. It becomes damaging to marine life as the Co2 is acidic and through increasing the acidity in the water, this creates a risk to the ocean wildlife. Therefore, the US DoE has agreed to fund 11 projects across 8 states who have said that they aim to build projects which will be able to monitor oceanic Co2, as well as simultaneously researching and developing new and innovative ways to remove excess Co2 from within ocean waters.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, commented, “With critical funding from DOE, project teams from across the country will develop groundbreaking new technologies to cut emissions that will help combat the climate crisis while reinforcing America’s global leadership in the clean energy industries of the future.”

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