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US Start Up CO2Rail Equips Trains with Direct Air Capture Innovation

by | Jul 25, 2022

US start up CO2Rail has developed direct air capture technology which can be used on trains. 

The company claims a standard freight train equipped with the technology can capture 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year on average. 

Each DAC train collects CO2 from the air, which is then stored as liquid. The entire process is powered by renewable energy, making it less costly. 

CO2Rial aims to retrofit its trains with its new innovation by installing large vents that suck air as the train is in motion. 

The company will use solar panels or energy generated by the train’s regenerative braking system to power the DAC process.

The methods adopted could lead to large savings, driving down the total cost to $50 per CO2 tonne. 

CO2Rail’s innovative approach may also make train travel a more attractive option for travellers, leading to further reductions of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Image courtesy of CO2Rail

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