Advancing The Transition To Negative Carbon Emissions

Since the beginning of the industrial era, carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere have increased significantly. Tackling climate change is one the biggest global challenges that requires immediate action and many industrial sectors are now looking to new technology to help meet net-zero emission targets. Research conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that carbon capture is an essential technology in the fight to mitigate climate change.

Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe is dedicated to discussing the increasing role that Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS) will play in transition to a net-zero carbon economy. Leading experts from around the world will discuss the latest advances in new technology for carbon capture, storage and transport, as well as unique ways of utilizing CO2 to produce net-zero fuels and for other manufacturing processes.

The two-day event will bring together leading engineering firms, technology manufacturers and suppliers, energy firms, the oil and gas sector, heavy industry, chemical companies, various manufacturing organizations, research groups and NGOs, consultants, and government bodies to explore how we can rapidly accelerate the deployment and commercialization of carbon-removal technologies as a key solution on the pathway to net-zero carbon emissions.





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Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe is the world’s first international event platform to discuss how CCS will play a key role in meeting global carbon emission targets. Meet the companies pioneering the technology in the exhibition, find new suppliers and engineering partners, hear the latest research in the conference, and network with leading industry experts.

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Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe Will Discuss A Number of Key Topic Areas Including:

  • Latest technology, components, materials and testing solutions
  • How CCS can be used as a key tool to help decarbonize CO2 intensive industries
  • Pre-combustion, post-combustion, and oxyfuel combustion technologies
  • Direct-air capture technology
  • CO2 utilization for industrial applications
  • Using CCS for enhanced oil recovery
  • Bioenergy with carbon capture (BECCS)
  • Using CO2 as a feed-stock to produce chemicals, fuels and polymers
  • The role of CCS in mitigating climate change
  • Scale-up and commercialization of CCUS technology
  • New technologies for separating CO2 from industrial gas processes
  • Developing a transportation network for widespread CCS deployment
  • Storing CO2 underground and in geological formations
  • Latest research and findings from carbon capture projects
  • Market predictions, business opportunities, and unlocking the economic potential of CCS
  • Regulatory issues of CCS, carbon taxes and government support for large-scale adoption

Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe will take place alongside the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe. Delegates, speakers and sponsors will have access to presentations, the exhibit area and the post-event proceedings.

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